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Why verbal abuse is often not considered in custody cases

If a child has been or is being physically or sexually abused by a parent (or the other parent has alleged such abuse), that will obviously play a large role in determining if the offending parent will have any custody or visitation rights to the child. However, sadly, family law judges are less likely to consider verbal abuse when making custody decisions.

Problems occur when a parent abducts a child

Parents who aren't in a relationship any longer must abide by the terms of their child custody order. When a parent absconds with a child, the parent is said to have abducted the child. This is a very serious matter that usually involves investigations by law enforcement offices.

Kids and custody — what to say, and when

One of the hardest things parents have to do during a divorce is explain it to their kids. While most details should be kept from the children, matters of custody are likely to give them much anxiety unless they are fully informed of what's going on. Below are some tips for explaining the intricacies of shared custody to the children.

What to do when an agency oversteps its bounds?

What can parents do to fight back against a state agency that's determined to take the custody of their children away? Certainly there are parents whose abusive actions and neglectfulness makes them unfit for the job of parenting their own sons and daughters, but the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families has seen its share of aggressive custody grabs under circumstances that are dubious at best.

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