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Don't turn over all financial responsibilities to your spouse

One of the advantages of marriage is that you can share the everyday responsibilities of life with your spouse. For people who don't enjoy balancing a checkbook or dealing with their investment portfolio, turning those responsibilities over to their spouse may feel like a relief.

Telling your grandchildren that you're divorcing

When people divorce in their later decades, they are likely to face an issue they hadn't anticipated -- breaking the news to their grandchildren. Even though many kids today have friends whose grandparents are divorced, when it happens in their own family, it can be highly unsettling.

Is 'bird nesting' a custody option worth considering?

For many children of divorce, one of the most stressful things they have to deal with is moving back and forth between their parents' homes, particularly if their parents have fairly equal physical custody. Even if their parents try to ensure that they have clothing, electronics and/or treasured toys in both residences, they may still feel like they don't have one true home to call their own.

Keep an eye on joint accounts during divorce

For many couples, one of the most difficult parts of divorce is separating your financial lives, which may have been intertwined for years, if not decades. Most couples have at least one if not multiple joint bank accounts and credit cards. It's essential to keep an eye on all of those joint accounts during the separation and divorce process or for as long as your name is still on them for a couple of key reasons.

Can you avoid a bitter dispute over pets in a divorce?

For many couples, particularly those without children, one of the most difficult decisions to make during a divorce is who gets the pets. Often these animals are their surrogate children. However, they aren't considered children under the law, but property.

If I earn more than he does, is he more likely to cheat?

Back in the 70s, there was a popular perfume being marketed to the woman who could do it all — bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never let her husband forget he was a man. It seemed that a woman like that truly could have it all, whatever "it" currently represented.

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