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September 2013 Archives

Dern and Harper reach settlement, end 3-year divorce

The divorce of Laura Dern (an Emmy-nominated actress) and Ben Harper (a Grammy-winning musician) has been a long, drawn out ordeal. The two originally filed for divorce in late 2010, though some court papers say that the couple was separated earlier in 2010. In any case, Dern and Harper then tried to reconcile their relationship in 2012; but the attempt failed, and the two went forward with their divorce. Now, nearly three years after they filed, Dern and Harper have reached a settlement that will finally end their divorce.

Decade-long divorce doesn't seem to have a finish line

When a divorce occurs, there is going to be some acrimony and some anger. It is just a natural part of the process, even when the divorce may occur under collaborative or amicable circumstances. With that said, some splitting spouses are able to cope with this anger in a constructive way, pushing through it for the betterment of themselves and their family. Other splitting couples, however, go to the opposite end of that spectrum and undergo a lengthy, litigation-filled divorce that causes them immeasurable amounts of stress.

Collaborative divorce can be helpful for those with major assets

Divorce is an inherently tumultuous time for the parties involved. Divorcing couples can get an amicable divorce, if in name only; but it is impossible to remove the uncomfortable feeling from the divorce equation.

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