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November 2013 Archives

Massachusetts no-fault divorces not guaranteed alimony

It may be hard to believe, but adultery is still considered to be illegal in Massachusetts. But good luck attempting prosecution; it has been many a year since a conviction was pursued on those charges. While adultery may be a leading cause of divorce and can create feelings of anger, rage and betrayal in the cheated-upon spouse, the no-fault Massachusetts divorce laws no longer guarantee alimony in a divorce settlement.

Parents lose custody of daughter to Massachusetts agency

Sometimes it doesn't take the trauma of a divorce to plunge a family into a nightmare involving a child custodycase. A Connecticut couple is facing a parent's worst fears after seeking medical help for their critically ill teenage daughter at Boston's renowned Children's Hospital.

Massachusetts divorce judge awards bulk of assets to Mihos' wife

A Massachusetts judge presiding over the high profile divorce case between convenience store mogul Christy Mihos and his former wife, Andrea, awarded the bulk of the couple's remaining assets to Andrea Mihos. The couple, who was divorced on October 15, were haggling over approximately $4 million in assets.

Massachusetts Senate advances domestic violence bill

Legislation was recently passed in the Massachusetts Senate which will give those victimized by domestic violence more protections under the law. The legislation requires employers with 50 or more employees to extend up to 15 leave days per year for any employee who provides proof that he or she is a victim of an incident of domestic violence. The employee can then use this time for court appearances, securing other housing, seeking treatment for medical issues resulting from the abuse, counseling or any other abuse-related matters.

Massachusetts man flees to Indian reservation to avoid alimony

A 67-year-old Sudbury man has fled Massachusetts and taken up refuge on an Oklahoma Indian reservation in a desperate attempt to avoid paying alimony payments he claims to no longer be in a position to afford. The retired pharmacist had already spent six days of a 120-day contempt of court sentence behind bars for failing to remit $20,000 to his ex-wife's divorce lawyer for attorney's fees when he skipped town. Because he is one-quarter Cherokee on his father's side, he is eligible for sanctuary on the sovereign nation's lands, but faces arrest and extradition back to Massachusetts should he leave the reservation and be detained by police.

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