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Alimony - it's not just for women anymore

Not so many years ago, the wife was the one who customarily sought support from her ex-husband during divorce proceedings. But a new trend on the divorce scene is the husband seeking, and receiving, alimony, something that would have been almost unheard of a generation ago.

Best interest of child paramount in custody child support issues

The past four decades have brought many changes to the family court system. Not so long ago, during a divorce, mothers were routinely given custody of the children. The fathers were granted visitation rights and expected to pay a large portion of their gross income as child support, with very little variations. The feminist movement of the late '60s and the '70s brought some heady changes, some of which affected custodial arrangements of minor children of the marriage and have ramifications even today.

Massachusetts custody rules affect school residency requirements

Divorce is certainly a very serious remedy for problems within a marriage. However, at times it may be the only viable option available to the parties, especially if counseling has been attempted and failed. When children are involved, it becomes even more important to sort out all issues related to child custody. Parents must be aware that the custody decisions stipulated between them or mandated by the courts affect all aspects of their children's lives, even where they may be forced to enroll in school.

Children removed for abuse from state custody homes

Divorce brings a host of changes to families, many of them unwelcome. One of the most feared possibilities faced by divorcing parents is losing custody of their children to the other parent or even to the system. Allegations made by divorcing spouses may include incidents of child neglect or abuse that may bring about investigations by state agencies, ultimately affecting the outcome of child custody.

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