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Alimony factors in Massachusetts divorce cases

Courts in each state have their own guidelines for assigning alimony when couples cannot reach a divorce agreement on their own. In Massachusetts, the court will look at a range of factors, from the length of a marriage to whether each party has health insurance. Alimony will not always be part of a divorce settlement and spouses should understand what will influence a court's decision to best prepare for the decision.

The different forms of domestic violence

Domestic abuse can take many different forms. While many Massachusetts residents think of domestic violence as physical abuse, mental or verbal abuse also qualifies as domestic violence. The main goal of most abusers is to achieve complete control or subjugation of the person who he or she is abusing.

Remedies in place to stop domestic violence

Legal recourse is available to Massachusetts victims of domestic violence. An understanding of the legal definition of abuse and the remedies afforded by the courts may provide protection from abusive relationships. Some requirements are placed on police and prosecutors that may help promote victim safety by disrupting abuse patterns. The law provides several ways of mitigating negative consequences for those reporting abuse as well.

Divorce from the children's point of view

Some Massachusetts parents remain in loveless marriages way past their expiration dates because of misguided ideas that it's what is best for the children. Huffington Post composed a representative sampling from a recent Reddit thread by adults who were children of divorce who were discussing the way(s) their parents' divorces affected them.

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