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What are the penalties for not paying child support?

Failing to pay court-ordered child support payments in Massachusetts can lead to multiple consequences. The state has a number of administrative remedies which it can employ in order to collect the ordered payments from people who are not paying what is owed.

Alimony, property division and health insurance

Massachusetts laws specifically address property division and spousal support when a couple divorces. Instead of alimony, the judge might decide that one party should receive more assets when the marriage ends. The courts will consider not only real estate and personal property but retirement benefits, pension, deferred compensation and profit-sharing plans as well as insurance benefits.

What are the penalties for stalking?

According to Massachusetts law, stalking is classified as the act of unwanted physical or emotional distress perpetrated upon one individual by another. This can include anything from annoying contact that leaves the victim feeling fearful, to explicit contact where the assailant verbally, physically or digitally threatens or abuses the victim's life.

Massachusetts child custody

Courts in Massachusetts make custody decisions based on what is in the child's best interests. The court may decide with which parent the child will primarily reside and provide visitation rights to the other, or, if the court determines neither parent's home is appropriate, the judge may instead place the child in the care of an interested third party. Additionally, the court may assign decision-making authority to one or both parents.

What is the duration of alimony?

The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stipulate the duration of general alimony payments that may be awarded as part of a divorce decree after a couple ends their marriage. The deciding factor is primarily the length of the marriage with a formula specified in the relevant statute. Following a marriage lasting five years or less, the general alimony time is not to exceed half the number of months of the marriage.

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