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Is your spouse stepping out on you?

If you are getting a sneaking suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you, your instincts could be on target. But there are also legitimate reasons why a husband or wife may be acting differently, so it is vital that you are certain before taking action.

Some signs of infidelity are more obvious than others. But there are subtle indicators that can reveal a cheater as well. Below are some warning signs to beware of.

-- Your mate may suddenly start taking better care of him or herself, hitting the gym five or six days a week and spiffing up the wardrobe.

-- He or she may suddenly become very secretive about his or her smartphone, email and social media accounts. Changing passwords and access codes is common.

-- Asking detailed questions about your schedule and whereabouts can be a red flag.

-- The mileage on vehicles may not match what aligns with your spouse's stated plans or driving patterns.

-- The passenger seat of the car could be in a different position than normal.

-- If there is normally a car seat in the rear, he or she may find reasons to take it out of the vehicle.

-- Sexual intimacy may drop way off or your partner could develop techniques that are new.

-- Your wife or husband could start letting your calls go straight to voice mail and take a longer than normal time to return texts.

There are many more potential signs of infidelity, but chances are if you think that your mate is cheating, it's likely you are correct. You may decide to contact a divorce attorney who could refer you to a private investigator if it is necessary to confirm your suspicions.

Source: womansdivorce.com, "Signs of a Cheating Husband," Keith L. Walker, accessed Feb. 19, 2016

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