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Learn the facts about domestic violence

If it hasn't happened to you, it's easy to blame victims of domestic violence for failing to leave their abusers. Below are some facts about domestic violence that can draw attention to the problem.

-- Males and females initiate acts of domestic violence at roughly the same rates. However, when incidents escalate, a woman is more susceptible to injury than a man. When a woman initiates violence toward her spouse or partner, it greatly increases her risk of being subsequently injured.

-- Nearly 10 percent of couples in America have at least one episode of violence between them each year. Of those seeking treatment for their injuries, one-third are male.

-- Domestic violence crosses the spectrum of society, but specific groups tend to have more incidents. Those groups included gay and lesbian couples, those living together but not married and couples with lower incomes.

-- Studies show that aggression between partners is often reciprocal, with injuries being more than two times likely to occur when both parties lash out.

-- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified more than 25 distinct origins of domestic violence. Some involve substance abuse and psychological disorders.

-- There are real barriers to victims getting the help they need to escape violent relationships. Discrimination towards victims of same-sex relationships still exists.

No one can make up a victim's mind to leave an abuser but the victim. Taking legal action by filing for protective orders and divorce can be a step in the process of extricating one's life from their abusers. Reaching out to a Massachusetts family law attorney can be helpful.

Source: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments, "Seven Key Facts About Domestic Violence," accessed March 04, 2016

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