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Substance abuse, domestic violence correlate

Here in Massachusetts, as elsewhere in the nation, there is a definite opiate abuse problem. But what many don't know is that there is a correlation between domestic violence and substance abuse.

Yet that link was the recent focus of organizations that partnered together to bring awareness of the problem to the community. The Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation and Voices of Truth co-sponsored the event at Westminster's Bread of Life Church.

The Voices of Truth president stated, "We want people to know substance abuse and domestic violence go hand in hand." There were additional speakers from many different agencies and organizations around the region.

The Massachusetts Department of Correction Operations director, who is with Spectrum Health Systems, told the assembled crowd, "One in four women are victims of domestic violence in the United States." She also cited statistics that there were annually 5.3 million acts of domestic violence against females and another 3.2 million against males. Additionally, she said that as many as half of the women who were murdered in America died at the hands of intimate partners.

The father of a woman killed by a murderous ex-boyfriend seven years ago begun a foundation named after his daughter. He cited the cyclic nature of abuse and the way abusers alienate victims from family and friends, blame the victims for the violence and even manipulate the victim's own children with their abusiveness. The man noted that most calls to local police departments regarding domestic violence incidents occur over the weekend after payday when abusers get loaded on alcohol and drugs and commit violent acts toward their partners.

There is no reason to subject oneself or one's children to domestic violence. If you are in a violent marriage or relationship, there are steps you can take to legally sever those ties. Family law attorneys can direct clients on how to obtain protective orders against abusive spouses and partners.

Source: Sentinel & Enterprise, "Westminster partnership's goal: End abuse," Jordan Tillery, April 07, 2016

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