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Questions about child support? Learn more

If you are a divorced or single parent who is struggling to get court-mandated child support from the child's other parent, you may have some of the following questions:

Can I request changes to the amount of child support on the court order?

Under certain circumstances, it is indeed possible to petition the court for a child support modification. These modifications can be requested by either parent if there are significant changes in a child's needs or to one parent's income.

Can the amount of the support order be modified without my consent?

If and when the child's other parent petitions the court to modify the amount, notice is given to the other party sufficient to oppose the proposed changes.

My child's other parent is on active duty overseas in the military. How can I get support?

In cases where a parent is stationed overseas, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue approaches the matter as though that parent were living out of state. All available information on the active duty parent is need to successfully process the child support case.

My ex-spouse quits his job every time child support enforcement begins to garnish his wages. Is there any way to get the support my child is owed?

In the past, this was a very difficult problem to solve. However, today's technology and the cooperation among state and federal agencies makes it much harder for deadbeat parents to dodge their support obligations to their children.

If you are struggling to receive the court-ordered support that is owed to your child(ren), help is out there from agencies like the DOR or from the family law attorney that handled your child support case.

Source: Massachusetts Department of Revenue, "Parent to Pay Lives in Another State or Outside of the United States," accessed May 05, 2016

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