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June 2016 Archives

Child custody and parental mental illness

One of the toughest calls for a family law judge is deciding which parent should have custody of the children when one of the parents is battling a serious mental illness. In fact, for the playing field to be leveled at all, the mentally ill parent should be represented by a staunch ally who not only understands the intricacies of Massachusetts family law, but the challenges of mental illness and parenting.

Preparation for a high asset divorce can avoid pitfalls

The average divorce does not have to degenerate into the War of the Roses. Just because you and your spouse no longer want to continue being married to one another does not mean that you can't civilly agree on many issues. Below are some ways to make sure you have a soft landing after a divorce.

How long can you collect alimony in Massachusetts?

Only a few decades ago, spousal support was referred to as "alimony" and was awarded to the wife in almost every divorce in Massachusetts. Times have changed, and alimony reforms have made some sweeping changes in the way that family court judges view alimony awards.

Don't be a victim of fatal domestic violence

When we think of love, most of us don't consider violence as its counterpart. Yet for some women here in the United States, the two go hand in hand. According to statistics provided by Huffington Post, on Jan. 1 of this year eight women in America died at the hands of a current or ex- boyfriend, lover or husband.

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