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I do, again; but will this marriage last?

Hope springs eternal from human hearts, which apparently accounts for the willingness of divorced men and women agreeing for the second and even third time to tie the knot again.

Researchers with the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology discovered that 67 percent of couples' second marriages wound up in divorce court and a whopping 74 percent of third marriages also ended in divorce.

Those who have gone through a divorce before should understand the potential pitfalls of another attempt at marital bliss, but having a candid discussion with one's intended over vital marital issues — kids, estate planning, prenups and finances — may forestall yet another marital fissure appearing on the horizon.

Prenuptial agreements can offer fair and equitable paths to relationships. This holds true especially when one partner enters the relationship with more assets or children from previous unions that have to be provided for.

Older couples need to carefully plan around the ways remarrying can affect their finances and lifestyle. Alimony payments, monthly pension stipends or other monetary supports may end if a divorced spouse remarries or even co-habits with a partner.

It's a good idea to seek out legal advice before entering into a second or subsequent marriage. In Massachusetts, those who die without drawing up estate plans will have their estate halved between their spouse at the time of their death and any children they have. If you wish for a different disposition of your personal effects and other properties, you will have to specify that in writing in an estate plan or last will and testament.

Source: WBZ, "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Second Or Third Go Around," Dee Lee, Aug. 18, 2016

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