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March 2017 Archives

Problems occur when a parent abducts a child

Parents who aren't in a relationship any longer must abide by the terms of their child custody order. When a parent absconds with a child, the parent is said to have abducted the child. This is a very serious matter that usually involves investigations by law enforcement offices.

Imperfect laws don't keep guns out of all abusers' hands

Despite increased attention to the problem of domestic violence and tougher laws both at the state and federal levels, the statistics regarding women who are killed by current or former husbands and boyfriends remain staggering. Many of these deaths involve guns.

How alimony awards are determined

When it comes to alimony, it serves the purpose of ensuring that no one party to a divorce enjoys a significant economic windfall. Alimony may be awarded in a particular case in which it can be shown that the non-wage or lower-wage-earning spouse made a choice to stay home and care for the family while his or her spouse primarily contributed all financial support.

Take control when you leave an abusive marriage

When you think of domestic violence, you might think that only physical abuse matters. This isn't the case. There are many types of domestic violence that you have to consider when you think of domestic violence. We know that having to leave a marriage that included any form of domestic violence is a traumatic experience. This means that you might have thought long and hard about whether you were going to leave or not.

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