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Problems occur when a parent abducts a child

Parents who aren't in a relationship any longer must abide by the terms of their child custody order. When a parent absconds with a child, the parent is said to have abducted the child. This is a very serious matter that usually involves investigations by law enforcement offices.

A parent who abducts a child doesn't bring the child back when it is time for the other parent to have the child. Typically, a parent that abducts a child won't contact the other parent to let that parent know how the child is doing or where they are. This is usually a violation of the custody order.

When a parent suspects that the child's other parent has abducted the child, the parent should contact the authorities. This will launch an investigation and search to find the child. While parents can initiate a search on their own, it is usually best to allow the authorities to handle this aspect. You can still look on your own, but the authorities have the tools at their disposal that can help to find your child.

Once the child is found, the parent who absconded with the child can face legal action. This can include criminal charges. It can also include having their rights to the child terminated. If the parent is allowed to continue to have contact with the child, the court will likely take steps to ensure he or she can't take the child again.

Child abductions are difficult for a parent to deal with. Making sure that your child is safe is your priority. If you have validated reasons to think that abduction by the other parent might occur, you should find out your options for handling the situation.

Source: FindLaw, "What Legal Remedies are Available if a Parent Abducts a Child?," accessed March 30, 2017

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