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Helping your kids maintain relationships with extended family

When couples with children divorce, many want their kids to maintain their relationships with their co-parent's family. It's often grandparents lobbying to maintain their relationships with the kids. However, it's essential not to forget about other family members with whom your children have special bonds -- such as uncles, aunts and cousins.

Thanksgiving can be particularly complicated for co-parents

Thanksgiving can be a complicated holiday for any couple. If you spend it with one spouse's family, the other side of the family may be hurt or angry. You may find yourself trying to make time for everyone, which can leave you spending a good chunk of the holiday in your car driving from house to house. If you're hosting the holiday, you've got the added stress of entertaining a disparate group of people while trying not to overcook anything.

Co-parents should plan ahead for a happy Halloween for their kids

When you and your spouse were drafting your parenting plan during your divorce, you likely detailed how you would divide time with your kids during special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. However, you may not have considered how and where your little ones would celebrate Halloween.

Why your kids need to see your parenting calendar

One of the most difficult aspects of parental divorce for many kids is the upheaval and uncertainty it can bring to their daily lives. They may be uncertain about which evenings or weekends they'll be spending with their noncustodial parent. They may not know who's going to pick them up after school, show up for their soccer games or take them to the orthodontist.

How do divorcing parents prevent sibling rivalry from worsening?

When parents divorce, one of their primary concerns is the emotional well-being of their children. It can take considerable effort and time to help ensure that a child feels safe, loved and supported after a break-up. When there are multiple children, parents to be aware not just of the feelings of each child, but of the impact of their divorce with their relationships with their siblings.

What should you do when kids want their other parent?

When parents separate or divorce, it's not unusual for kids to want to be with whichever parent they're away from at any given time. Depending on their age, this can manifest itself in crying, temper tantrums or locking themselves in their room.

What to do when communicating with your co-parent is difficult

When you're in the midst of a painful separation or divorce, communicating in a civil manner with your co-parent can be challenging. However, the two of you need to maintain some sort of communications regarding your children, no matter how challenging it may be for you.

Why verbal abuse is often not considered in custody cases

If a child has been or is being physically or sexually abused by a parent (or the other parent has alleged such abuse), that will obviously play a large role in determining if the offending parent will have any custody or visitation rights to the child. However, sadly, family law judges are less likely to consider verbal abuse when making custody decisions.

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