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Holiday stresses that bring on domestic violence

The holiday season is many people's favorite time of year. For too many, however, the stress of what often feels like forced interaction with family members, coupled with the strain of air or car travel is too much. Add in the increased access to alcohol at office, social and family gatherings, and it's not hard to understand why experts say that domestic violence increases at this time of year.

Are you the victim of financial abuse?

Domestic abuse takes many forms. Sometimes it involves physical violence. Other times the abuse is verbal and/or emotional. Financial abuse is also a type of domestic abuse. It's often part and parcel of a relationship dominated by domestic violence. Some 99 percent of victims of domestic violence also suffer financial abuse.

Massachusetts bill would help hair stylists spot abuse

Many women confide more in their hair stylists than they do in their own friends and family. That's why one Massachusetts state representative has introduced a bill that would provide salon professionals with training to help them spot signs that a client is being abused and put them in touch with sources of support and protection.

The growing link between domestic violence and revenge porn

Domestic violence victims remain in abusive relationships for a host of reasons. One of them is the threat of "revenge porn." That's the name commonly given to sexually explicit or nude videos of someone that are distributed without his or her consent.

What is financial abuse?

Domestic abuse is most often associated with physical and sexual violence or emotional and verbal cruelty by one spouse or partner towards the other. However, many partners seek to get the upper hand in a relationship and exert power through financial abuse.

Reports of domestic and sexual violence dropping among immigrants

Advocates for victims of domestic violence across the country report a sharp drop in the number of reports they've received from Latinos in recent months. Many attribute this to the fear among undocumented immigrants that they will be deported if they contact the police or the courts regarding a violent partner or spouse or even to report sexual assault or rape. One police chief says that he fears the trend "looks like the beginnings of people not reporting crime."

Domestic violence often follows victims to work

We've all heard the troubling statistics about domestic violence. For example, on average, a woman is fatally shot by a current or former husband or boyfriend every 16 hours. That doesn't even take into account women who are killed by other methods such as stabbing, strangulation and beating.

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