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Custody for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Divorce and custody transfers are particularly difficult for families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Parents should ensure that the necessary transitions are handled as smoothly as possible to accommodate their children's anxieties.

Cheating spouse? Recover text message evidence

Technology has made a big difference in the ways in which we communicate with one another. Most of us use text messages sometimes in lieu of phone calls and email. But those same handy text messages could potentially wind up as evidence of infidelity in a divorce case.

Supreme Court hears arguments for, against, same-sex marriage

While Massachusetts settled the issue of same-sex marriage more than 10 years ago, becoming the first state in the nation to perform gay marriages in May of 2004, other states have lagged behind. This all may change, however, as the Supreme Court this week heard oral arguments from both opponents and proponents of same-sex marriage.

What happens to underwater mortgages in a divorce?

One of the unhappy surprises in a divorce can be learning that there is no equity in the marital home. But it's even worse to discover there is more owed on the property than it is worth, a condition known colloquially as being "underwater."

How to keep it together during divorce

It doesn't matter if both parties were eager to split, divorce has a way of taking the wind out of our sails. You are changing the status quo permanently, and even if a divorce was the last thing that you wanted, you will need to adapt to the reality that it is the new normal. Below are some tips for managing your divorce and coming out on top.

Alimony and child support concerns

Being a parent who is going through a divorce tends to make the divorce process more difficult. Not only do Massachusetts parents have to worry about themselves and their own interests, but they must also worry about the best interests of their children. This can create conflict, stress and passionate disagreements that are difficult to resolve.

How can I be sure marital assets are valued fairly in divorce?

Massachusetts is not a community property state, which means that, during a divorce, marital property is divided equitably by the courts whenever the parties cannot reach accord on their own. However, it can be exceedingly difficult to make sure that you receive full value for your share of the marital assets if you do not know the true value of those assets in the first place. Below are some tips to help you determine value of marital assets that sometimes get overlooked.

Deciding how to divide debt, marital assets in a divorce

Massachusetts couples who are considering divorce may be concerned about how their debts and assets will be divided. The property division process of a divorce can be complex, particularly in cases involving unpaid taxes, bankruptcy, foreclosure, real estate, insurance, deferred compensation, family-owned businesses, annuities, stocks, bonds, pension accounts, military benefits and retirement benefits.

Virtual visitation and Massachusetts child custody

Advancing technology is demonstrating ongoing repercussions in Massachusetts family court as more agreements for child custody and visitation take email, text messaging and Internet conferencing into account. This type of visitation, known as virtual visitation, is becoming increasingly popular as a way of fostering stronger emotional bonds and allowing more parenting time in a nontraditional medium. While there is no defining doctrine for virtual visitation, there is no stipulation against such arrangements.

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