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Cheating spouse? Recover text message evidence

Technology has made a big difference in the ways in which we communicate with one another. Most of us use text messages sometimes in lieu of phone calls and email. But those same handy text messages could potentially wind up as evidence of infidelity in a divorce case.

Supreme Court hears arguments for, against, same-sex marriage

While Massachusetts settled the issue of same-sex marriage more than 10 years ago, becoming the first state in the nation to perform gay marriages in May of 2004, other states have lagged behind. This all may change, however, as the Supreme Court this week heard oral arguments from both opponents and proponents of same-sex marriage.

Tax ramifications of Massachusetts alimony payments

The deadlines for filing state and federal tax returns are looming. Many Massachusetts residents have already filed their returns. For those who have yet to do so, the website for the Massachusetts Department of Revenue offers taxpayers the rules regarding alimony or spousal support payments as income paid or received by state residents.

Can I pay alimony in a lump sum?

Divorces in West Springfield sometimes involve a spouse being ordered to pay the other spouse alimony, also referred to as spousal support. Even if the payer spouse has come to terms with the agreement, sending a check to their former spouse every month could be an unpleasant reminder of a failed marriage.

What is the duration of alimony?

The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts stipulate the duration of general alimony payments that may be awarded as part of a divorce decree after a couple ends their marriage. The deciding factor is primarily the length of the marriage with a formula specified in the relevant statute. Following a marriage lasting five years or less, the general alimony time is not to exceed half the number of months of the marriage.

Alimony factors in Massachusetts divorce cases

Courts in each state have their own guidelines for assigning alimony when couples cannot reach a divorce agreement on their own. In Massachusetts, the court will look at a range of factors, from the length of a marriage to whether each party has health insurance. Alimony will not always be part of a divorce settlement and spouses should understand what will influence a court's decision to best prepare for the decision.

Alimony - it's not just for women anymore

Not so many years ago, the wife was the one who customarily sought support from her ex-husband during divorce proceedings. But a new trend on the divorce scene is the husband seeking, and receiving, alimony, something that would have been almost unheard of a generation ago.

Dern and Harper reach settlement, end 3-year divorce

The divorce of Laura Dern (an Emmy-nominated actress) and Ben Harper (a Grammy-winning musician) has been a long, drawn out ordeal. The two originally filed for divorce in late 2010, though some court papers say that the couple was separated earlier in 2010. In any case, Dern and Harper then tried to reconcile their relationship in 2012; but the attempt failed, and the two went forward with their divorce. Now, nearly three years after they filed, Dern and Harper have reached a settlement that will finally end their divorce.

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